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    A key aspect of Project Aquascope is its dedication to empowering individuals to create change in their own communities. We hope to empower not only by our educational efforts but through a variety of ways including offering the opportunity for youth to bring Project Aquascope to their own communities in whatever way they see fit. We understand the value of being a youth with a vision to better the world and we advocate for all who have that vision to act on it.

   One of our greatest fears in starting Project Aquascope is acting savioristically even though our intentions are pure. Our goal in this project is to collaborate with communities rather than to “help” them. The critical thinking aspect of our labs is meant to motivate students to act in their own communities all over the world. We think that the best, most sustainable way to make an impact is to inspire the creation of grassroots initiatives rather than impose our own ideas onto communities that differ largely from our own— no one knows what a community needs better than its inhabitants. 

    In achieving this goal we have our Aquascope Ambassador program which is the embodiment of our emphasis on grassroots initiatives. 

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Aquascope Ambassadors

In emphasizing grassroots initiatives, Project Aquascope has launched an Aquascope Ambassadors program. This program is fairly new, although it is meant to offer a mentorship opportunity for youth across the world who are passionate about our three pillars and want to help us to expand our impact. Aquascope staff will mentor Aquascope Ambassadors in an effort to empower youth, regardless of gender, race, religion, income, to take action in their communities. We will offer training on how Ambassadors can engage with their community, share Aquascope curriculum with local schools and students, and realize their importance and the power they hold in our world.

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