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What Ayomide's Been Up To!

Project Aquascope is guiding a group of rising high-schoolers in Missouri to create their own Aquascope branch based in St. Louis. Their mission is to unite, educate, and empower people about environmental issues.They hope to bridge the stark differences in socioeconomic background especially prevalent in St. Louis through the study of something truly universal - climate change. They have decided to target elementary grade levels—focusing on the 4th grade. Because environmental awareness should be spread in a fun and engaging way for younger students, our Missouri Branch has decided to adapt John Hunter’s World Peace Game—a hands-on simulation that explores the connectedness of the global community through the lens of the economic, social, and environmental crises—while focusing on the environmental aspect.

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Currently, Project Aquascope is supporting the Missouri team as they research the history and science of climate change, agriculture, wildlife, and solutions (locally and globally)—possible topics and background information for their simulation model. Once the research process is complete, Aquascope and the Missouri team will reach out to like-minded St. Louis-based organizations to converse with professionals about what works and what doesn’t works—necessary information to develop a working framework for their environmental version of the World Peace Game. In the meantime, connections to local St. Louis schools are being made, and a mock conference is tentatively scheduled for May. The full launching of the program will be in late 2021 to early 2022, as Project Aquascope gauges what works and what needs improvement to create a more meaningful impact. 

Ayomide Ajakaiye, an Aquascope Ambassador based in St. Louis, USA. Ayomide is passionate about creating opportunities for students of all different backgrounds to learn and grow together, and cares about making sure that the future of this planet is more equitable for everyone.

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