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Our goal is to bring opportunities to underserved students. Education (and the knowledge and wisdom that comes with it) empowers people by showing them their capabilities, allowing them to gain the confidence to pursue their greatest aspirations. In our project we have narrowed in on STEM education in particular for a couple of reasons. Firstly, more people are deprived of high-quality STEM education due to the hefty expenses of lab equipment and hands-on curriculum. Secondly, many of the solutions to the world’s greatest problems lie in the fields of STEM; for example, solving climate change will surely pull from many, if not all STEM disciplines (environmental science, biology, chemistry, physics, math, etc.) In short, STEM education creates the type of critical thinkers we believe will go on to become the change-makers and problem-solvers of the future. In order to progress this world, STEM education (and education in general) should be a right, not a privilege. 


A Foldscope is a new, innovative $1 invention that is made by folding paper-like material and lenses into an origami microscope with 140X magnification and a 2 micron resolution. Foldscopes allow schools with low budgets to still experience and investigate the natural world beyond what the eye can see. Project Aquascope creates curriculum utilizing Foldscopes and distributes them to communities all around the world. By integrating Foldscopes, we demonstrate our strong belief that there should be no price barrier between people and the adventures of scientific exploration.

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More on Foldscopes!

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