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(past event: August 7th-21st)

Project Aquascope is hosting a virtual Summer Seminar Series surrounding our three pillars of environmental sustainability, STEM education, and youth empowerment. We are inviting accomplished youth entrepreneurs and field experts to share their stories and give advice on how you too can make an impact on your community. As a part of these seminars, you will have the unique opportunity to interact with the speakers and other motivated, like-minded youth. Throughout the event, participants will be able to learn about other communities and share issues that impact their local community, working  together to brainstorm viable solutions to the problems that they are passionate about. Our Summer Seminar Series provides youth with concrete opportunities and resources to become the change-makers they wish to see in the future.

For access to all recorded Summer Seminars, check out our Youtube Channel below!


Interact and hear from accomplished female speakers and other motivated, like-minded youth by joining our first seminar centered on females in STEM fields and environmental sustainability/advocacy.

Read up on Week 1's schedule and our amazing speakers below:


Interact and hear from accomplished BIPOC youth speakers!

Read up on Week 2's schedule and our amazing speakers below:


Field experts from the private sector and government speaking about environmental sustainability.

Read up on Week 3's schedule and speakers below:


  • Number of participants across three weeks: 60

  • Countries in which we had speakers and participants tuning in from: USA, Bahrain, Pakistan, India, Liberia, Kenya, Egypt, Zimbabwe, & Sierra Leone.

Summer Seminar Series Sponsor Organizations

We are so grateful to have the following sponsors who have helped us promote our event: Sustainable San Diego & Young Women in Biology.

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