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Pioneering Environment-Related Curriculum in West Africa

Project Aquascope is currently collaborating with youth group Rehab Africa—a nonprofit that empowers youth through entrepreneurship and education—to provide 30,000 copies of original youth empowerment curriculum to 150,000 secondary and university students throughout West Africa. The empowerment curriculum will take on different lenses—health, education, environment, etc.

Project Aquascope has thus far focused on the subject of the environment, by creating an Ebook called “A Guide to Climate Education” to empower students with actions they can take to make a difference on our Mother Earth. We plan to hold regular webinars with those accessing our curriculum to be able to holistically educate on the environment, receive feedback, as well as connect to youth globally. As Rehab Africa and Project Aquascope are rolling out more curriculum, Rehab Africa is also establishing different clubs at their partner schools throughout Africa (memorandums of understanding have already been signed at these schools). The curriculum will be implemented at these clubs as extracurricular and enrichment activities for the youth to engage in. Before the Rehab Africa team teaches the curriculum at these clubs, they are running a program called Magicate to train 10 people at each school on how to teach the curriculum. Project Aquascope will help with these trainings, and once training is complete, Rehab Africa and Project Aquascope will be reaching out for partnerships with institutions to secure resources like projectors and support to outreach more and expand impact. In fact, more equipment and technological access at these schools means Project Aquascope will be able to teach students directly from across the world! All this means the curriculum is estimated to officially launch in mid-2021.

Previously, Project Aquascope has also collaborated with Rehab Africa to host global summits and will likely continue to do so in the future—stay tuned!

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