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One of the major focuses of Project Aquascope is to promote environmental sustainability. Our original labs seek to get children and youth invested in the future of our environment by prompting them to think critically about human impact on the environment. Project Aquascope further seeks to inspire youth to look at their communities and determine how resources can be conserved and what changes can be made to protect the natural world.

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Project Aquascope seeks to get students around the globe excited about the world of STEM and all the opportunities it has to offer. This process involves teaching labs created by our team that highlight STEM concepts that play larger roles in our lives. Furthermore, we utilize innovative one-dollar microscopes called Foldscopes to teach these labs, making hands-on STEM education more available to underprivileged students around the world. We strongly believe that access to education is the right of every child and we strive to fight for this right through our curriculum and modes of outreach.



By focusing not only on local outreach, but global outreach as well, Project Aquascope works to have the largest impact possible. We acknowledge that global collaboration as well as grassroots initiatives are instrumental in producing global citizens and mobilizing them to tackle universal issues. The global impact we seek will involve looking for youth, or “Aquascope Ambassadors,” to help us in our mission. Aquascope Ambassadors will be given the tools to be leaders in their own community and allow them to implement Aquascope in any way they see fit.

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