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What Edicia's Been Up To


After attending Project Aquascope’s summer webinars, Edicia was inspired to expand environmental awareness in her community. In December 2020, she launched the One Million Trees Liberia Project for her community (and neighboring communities) to plant a total of one million tree seedlings over the next 10 years. Edicia has worked tirelessly to build community resources by partnering with Nellis Global’s local chapter, Liberia Youth for Climate Action, and holding youth trainings. She has found and trained 50+ volunteers in her own community for this initiative (most of whom are women and children). Her group will be receiving seeds for coconut trees, palm firs, plum trees, and akisha trees from the Environmental Protection Agency. She has also partnered with Youth for Climate Action Liberia to expand her efforts. More updates on the “One Million Trees” Project to come!

One Million Tree Project Launch.jpeg


Edicia has also organized multiple campaigns for waste management and plastic awareness over recent months. In Liberia, many do not know the repercussions of not exposing waste responsibly—so Edicia took it upon herself to put together a program called “Reduction of Waste” (ROW). She traveled to roughly 20 primary and secondary schools in the middle county community, holding summits and workshops to educate people on waste management. She provided trash cans to her students, taught them how to sort garbage, and hosted a “Walk and Pick” weekly community clean-up (pre-COVID and again once quarantine was lifted in Liberia).

Walk and Pick.JPG


Lastly, Edicia runs a program called “Liberia Youth for Education” in which she provides educational resources to children living in rural orphanages. Her team donates books, help kids learn through books, bring food/clothes, and sometimes just visit to spend time with the children. Edicia has been bringing Project Aquascope curriculum to these orphanages to teach youth about the environment. We are looking forward to creating more curriculum for her to bring in the coming months. In the future we are hoping to hold a Zoom call between Project Aquascope staff and the children using our curriculum to foster connectivity. We’re so proud to have inspired these awesome movements, and glad Edicia is on our team!

Liberia Youth for Education
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