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What Priyal's Been Up To: The Sustainable Navonmesh

After attending one of Project Aquascope’s virtual summits, Priyal was inspired to take action in her community—by launching a blog called The Sustainable नवोन्मेष (नवोन्मेष means innovation in Sanskrit.) in India. On her blog, she features interviews with youth environmental leaders and activists from around the world and writes magazines and articles on a variety of environmental topics—wildlife trade, slash and burn agriculture, mercury pollution— focusing on SDGs 13, 14, and 15. Through her blog, Priyal and her team have collaborated and learned from enthusiastic young people who work on innovative ideas to bring a change in this world. Project Aquascope has supported Priyal by connecting her to more youth activists as well as by advising their hands-on work such as coordinating plantation drives, strikes, bicycle education tours, and more within her own community.

Priyal and her team also recently hosted a MUN conference with 50 participants from 7 countries. The international delegations discussed different issues in different perspectives, yet it wasn’t just a conference, but also a cultural gathering with artists who were invited to perform during the social portions of the event. Following the success of this event, The Sustainable नवोन्मेष is thinking of expanding into different modes of creation such as video and filmmaking to spread environmental education and awareness.

Today, The Sustainable नवोन्मेष has reached 3000+ views from 1000+ visitors in 30+ countries. Their next steps are to host more events, recruit more writers, volunteers, and graphic designers for their blog, and interview more global teen leaders. Project Aquascope has been helping them with these goals and has connected Priyal’s team to interviews with our other Aquascope Ambassadors creating change around the world—fostering a truly united support network among our Aquascope family.

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